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Solubles and Insolubles
Ice, Water, Steam
Solids, Liquids, Gases
Solids, Liquids, Gases

The Poem!

Every thing in the world is one of these three:

Either a solid (like a stone or a pea),

Or a liquid (like water, or juice from a pear),

Or a gas (like the oxygen found in the air).


You can hold solids in your hands and what’s more,

They won’t ever drip on your clothes or the floor.

Bigger or smaller you really can’t make them

(except if you tear them or squash them or break them!).


Next we have liquids, a quite different matter.

They’re runny and drippy, they squirt and they splatter!

To fit their container they can rearrange,

But whatever happens, their volume won’t change.


Gases will spread out and try to escape

Or fill their container and take on its shape

You won’t often see them although you might stare -

Most gases are see-through, like those in the air!