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Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus

This is another poem I wrote.  It’s not science related but I like it and I thought it deserved to be read!

The Poem!


Christopher Columbus was a big chap

who lived a long time before you and me.

Crossing great oceans with compass and map,

he loved nothing more than being at sea.


Chris had a plan to sail round the planet

and visit the East to buy some fresh spice.

He found a huge ship, and started to man it

then called "All aboard, we’ll be there in a trice!


Although Chris was smart, and even quite wise,

and knew if you mixed black and white you got grey,

he and his men would soon have a surprise –

a gigantic country lay right in their way!


For seventy days they crossed a vast sea.

The rain it did pour, the wind it did blow.

Till Chris cried "Look, land! There’s land there, you see!"

(It wasn’t the East, but he didn't know)


Chris thought he’d discovered the world's best short cut,

and thought he'd be well known and renowned.

"I've gone so far West, that I'm East!" he said, but

it was America he’d actually found!